Mary C. Trefney - Sentiment Stones
Mary C. Trefney - Personalized Gift Consultant
Sentiment Stones™
Sentiment Stones™ are decorative or pocket stones for every occasion!
Share an inspirational word or message that may encourage someone, brighten their day or remind them of a special personalized message meant especially  for them!
What do you do with them?
Make someone’s day!  
  *  Fill a Family Heirloom Bowl with name stones of family members
  *  Hide one in a lunch box or pocket
  *  Leave on coworkers desk
  *  Show someone how much you care
  *  Use as name tag for gifts
  *  Remember a job well done with a reward stone
  *  Encourage or uplift someones spirits
  *  Motivate employees with a success stone
  *  Remember a loved one with a cemetery stone
  *  Congratulate a goal that was met
  *  Celebrate your team with Team Sports Stones
  *  Decorate a holiday table with a place setting stone
  *  Decorate centrpieces for parties, showers or weddings
  *  Give someone a pocket reminder stone that says... "I love you!"
Sentiment Stones come in many colors. 
Under construction.  More coming soon.
 Please feel free to contact us at:
(810) 523-9878
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