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On-Site Engraving Events
On-Site Engraving Events are retail promotional events that are very successful in building a repeat customer base and  record breaking sales!  The engraving is  done, at the store, set up near the items to be engraved.     A beautiful, flowing, easy-to-read script  is engraved, while the customer watches.  A personalized name, a brief message or a single monogram letter can be hand-engraved into crystal, glass or metal surface of nearly any product, The engraving creates an excitement  as customers watch their gifts items embellished with an exquisite personalization. 
   A pre-sale period, allows for engraving to be offered  4-6 weeks prior to the event to capitalize on maximum sales. An On-Site Engraving Event a is retail promotional event that is successful prior to the event day, due to the pre-sales.
    The hand-engraving tool is a small handpiece, which is an ultra-high-speed air driven drill. The unique sound draws attention as people stop to see the activity, often making an impulse purchase due to the engraving and exquisite personalization. A bright gold or silver color inlay can be filled in the engraved lettering on colored glass, further enhancing the engraving. 
    Personalized engraving is always a customer pleaser. They recognize the uniqueness of the product, knowing it will be a one-of-a-kind gift.  It is also a "locked in" sale for the department since engraved products that have been personalized never get returned for exchange, credit or refunds. Check the Engraving Event Schedule for times and locations of events.
Suitable for Signature Events or Single Monogram Events
Events Options
Signature Events
Our most popular On-Site Engraving Events with personalized names and messages hand engraved as seen above.  Designed for fragrance vendors, department stores, specialty boutiques, crystal companies, casinos, country clubs & wineries etc. 
Single Monogram Events
Engraving of Elegant, Single Monogram letters. On-Site Events designed for Specialty Boutiques & vendors such as Lady Primrose.
Piggy-Back Events
Piggy Back Events are booked in conjunction with an already booked On-Site Engraving Event.  When an On-Site Engraving Event is booked an additional  Engraving Event may be Piggy-Backed in the same location.  This is not a shared event, but a back to back event. This allows stores or vendors to have an event with reduced travel expenses for out of state events. The minimum hour requirements for event booking do not apply to Piggy Back Events and Piggy Back Events may be as short as two hours. 
Off-Site Events
Provides stores the benefit of engraving services when an engraver in not On-Site.  A predetermined event period is established and orders are taken. The items are engraved and returned to the store by a predetermined date. This works especially well for stores located in states where an ACE Engraver is not located. Suitable for Signature or Single Monogram Event.
Specialty Events
Designed for specialty shows, charity functions and individual retail engraving events such as Bridal Shows, Expos, Art Shows, sports tournaments etc. Suitable for Signature or Single Monogram engraving.
Personal Party Bookings
Designed for Individual private parties, home or holiday parties,  bridal/wedding planning, and other personal engraving needs. Suitable for Signature or Single Monogram engraving.
Retail Engraving Accounts
Retail Engraving Accounts (REA’s) are designed for retail stores or corporate accounts who want of offer personalized engraving services on an ongoing bases. Reduced engraving fees are offered for high volume and on going engraving services.
Store REA's: Engraved items are displayed throughout the store to create awareness of this 'unique customer service’.  This allows for the customer to be introduced to the concept and plan for future gift purchases for holidays, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.  It creates a loyal customer base that keeps customers purchasing from you  what they cannot get elsewhere. Engraved gifts do not get returned and personalized names & messages turn  an  ordinary gift into a treasured keepsake.
Corporate REA's: Engraved items are ordered on an on going basis, for corporate accounts & events. This includes engraved catalog items that companies may choose to offer engraving services through their company or they may out source directly  us. Whether they are engraved for their company or outsourced to us they may be eligible for the REA reduced engraving rate.
If your store/company is interested offering engraved items, engraving services or hosting  an On-Site Engraving Event please fill out a request form to receive an REA Application.

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