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The Celebration Collection™ by Mary C. Trefney
"Life should be a Celebration!"
  CELEBRATE; To celebrate someone or something is to put them in a light of honor, worthy of illumination; To admire someone or something with salutation of privileged regard and recognition. 
   CELEBRATE each day as the gift that it is. Give a personalized gift that celebrates the recipient or relationship you have with them.  Celebrate....
  *   Faith
  *   Family                         
  *   Friends                           
  *   Love
  *   Life
   the milestone occasions
         we all share;
  *     Birthday
  *     Wedding
  *     Anniversary
  *     New Baby
  *     Graduation
  *     Congratulations
  *     Holidays
  *     New Home
  *     Thank You
  *     Encouragement
 CELEBRATE your relationships with heart felt connections to one another.  Recognize that through all of the daily moments, minute by minute, there are endless things to celebrate.  Look for the celebration in the "hear and now".
  Cherish the celebrated moments of the past and ponder the future celebratory days ahead, but don’t miss the moment to celebrate right this very instant!. 
The Celebration Collection
by Mary C. Trefney
Are you looking for that perfect gift for a very special mile-STONE occasion or a creative way to inspire and motivate your company/team? A memorable gift with a unforgettable presentation? Do you need a extraordinary group gift that is fitting for a unique occasion? How about a special tribute of dedication and recognition that they will never forget!
You have come to the right place!
Celebrate  * Recognize  *  Cherish  *  Honor
    Special people or mile-STONE occasions with a Dedication Bowl!
A Dedication Bowl is truly an unique way to recognize and honor a special person or occasion.  A crystal bowl is chosen from a wide variety and assortment to fit each specific need, depending on style preferences and the size of the group giving it.  The bowl is hand engraved with the recipients name and a personalize message meant just for them. 
The engraved bowl is then filled with multicolor Sentiment Stones™ that are one word descriptive stones. (see slide show below). The group giving the gift, each get to choose one word that either describes the recipient or is a one word wish for them.  That one word is engraved larger across the middle of the stone and the givers name is printed smaller below the word.  This allows the recipient to know who chose what descriptive word or one word wish for them. 
   The presentation of one-of-a-kind the Dedication Bowl is a powerful  and memorable experience!  The recipient first opens the beautiful hand engraved crystal bowl with their name and an engraved message, chosen especially for them.  This usually brings a tear and a heartfelt "Thank You!" ....but is has only just begun!  A brief speech about the person being recognized is given and the question is asked...... "How do you describe____?"  "What do you think of when you hear ____ name?"  "What one word wish do you have for ____ ?" ......and then the real fun begins.      
    Each person in the group comes forward to the recipient who has the bowl, and one by one,  says their descriptive word and places the stone in the bowl. By now there is not a dry eye in the house!  As each person reveals their word that they have chosen for them.  Everyone witnesses the recognition and dedication to the honored individual, as each stone fills the Dedication Bowl.  It is an unforgettable experience that the recipient as well as the group, will never forget!  Words of affirmation set in stone! The honored person leaves with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and a treasured keepsake that will be cherished forever.
   It is an awesome experience to be a part of whether it is with 10, 50 or 100+ stones being placed in the Dedication Bowl!  Great for all mile-STONE occasions as well as corporate recognitions.
Please feel free to call for a consultation to discuss personalized messages and options.  Don't have a message in mind? Not to worry, no two are alike. That is what we specialize in as we help you create a one-of-a-kind Dedication Bowl! 
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