Mary C. Trefney - Personalized Gift Consultant
A Fabulous Gift Awaits You
As A Personalized Gift Consultant, my goal is to give you a gift that reflects your unique personality and style. A personalized gift that the recipient will delight in awe of the one of a kind treasure.  A personalized gift turns an ordinary gift into a treasured keepsake!
Let's Get Personal!
A lasting impression!
'Let's Get Personal' Vases are just that....personal. A unique and personal, long lasting impression! This very popular, one-of-a-kind treasure is a heartwarming gift for someone special!  Not just a lasting personal message, but in your very own personal handwriting!
Great for teachers gifts signed by the students, personalized quotes or words of encouragement, a birthday or graduation message, a milestone anniversary, a thoughtful thank you message, a new baby keepsake and many, many more special occasions. 
Milestone occasions like a 'Will you marry me...' message in your own hand writing preserves a moment in time for all eternity!  My all time favorite is the 'Mommy' vase for all of the hand picked dandelions and daisys from our littlest admirers! Celebrate these treasured moments with a personalized message, hand-engraved vase, capturing their own handwriting for a lasting impression. Priceless!
About the Artist....
My name is Mary Trefney and my specialty is a Personalized Gift Consultant. I am a Calligrapher and an ACE Certified Engraver. I am a founding member of the Alliance of Certified Engravers ("ACE ").  The ACE group is a professional association of Free-hand  Engraving Artistic Designers  who provide high quality engraving services to department stores, specialty gift stores, corporate and  individual clients.  
ACE  Certified Engravers are the “best of the best” free-hand engraving artists located in six major regions of the country, including:  Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston and Washington DC.   The Alliance of Certified Engravers specialize in providing extraordinary On-Site Engraving Events.
Elegant Engraving & Events
We offer engraving services & On-Site Engraving Events for Major Department Stores such as;  Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Parisian,
Saks Fifth Avenue, etc.  As well as specialty gift stores, wineries, crystal companies, corporate bookings, community clubs such as golf courses, Country Clubs, Yacht Clubs and casinos. Check Engraving Event Schedule for times and locations.
With our extensive industry experience  we are uniquely positioned to create your memorable On-Site Engraving Event that will thrill those present as they watch their gift be personalized with their name or message.   Please call us for Event Options, pricing information, and availability of dates.
All items purchased at an On-Site Engraving Event are complimentary engraving*.  Yes!.....that's correct ...FREE ENGRAVING! A $40 value FREE with the purchase of items at On-Site Engraving Events! Check here for a location nearest to you.
Gift Albums & Business Incentive Gifts
We offer various Gift Albums and Business Incentives Gifts for you to choose from. It is the perfect way to handle your gift giving as well as business incentives gifts that create a loyal customer/employee retention. This exciting opportunity will allow you the option to set up an annual gift giving program. Gift Albums are available in various amounts to fit  every budget. Call for an appointment to meet with your Personalized Gift & Business Consultant to view the 19 Gift Album Collections.
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by Mary C. Trefney
Personalized with a name and an inspirational message, chosen especially for you, creates a one-of-a-kind treasured keepsake! Inspiration Bowls may be filled with Sentiment Stonesto add a beautiful gift accent.
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For a one-of-a-kind presentation gift that has brought the highest admiration of any other Inspiration Bowl in the Celebration Collection!
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* A few select locations offer complimentary personalization of name only and charge a minimal fee for additional words/messages. Those locations will be noted.
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